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Posted on July 27, 2017 at 4:50 PM


Bill Fornof Memorial EAA Chapter 513

Houma, Louisiana

Volume XIV Number 8______ August 1, 2017

Next Meeting Tues. August 1 @ Hammonds-6:30

It’s August already. But it’s not too early to ask what do you have planned for Saturday October 21? If you haven’t already it is time to start thinking about the 2017 Cajun Fly-in. Your help is sorely need. Last year just three (3!) 513 EAAers parked and marshaled fly-in aircraft. Two of the three weren’t our most robust of our number Jack Gafford and Tim Rochel. In spite of this Faron Naquin our new vice president did an excellent job handling a record number of visiting aircraft. In 2016, one the most outstanding jobs was done April Simoneaux, of SoLa Flight services. April ran one of the best registration tables I’ve witnessed, not just for arriving aircraft but for the car show as well. She organized the car show exhibit also. April and Tex are not members of Chapter 513. Of particular need is someone to organize and supervise auto parking. We really don’t need a bunch of grammar schoolers trying to park visitors cars. Think about what you can do for your Chapter. Come to the meeting Tuesday and bring along a friend to help us do in some pizza.

Cajun Fly-In 2017 Update

It seems I have the upcoming Cajun Fly-in on my mind this month. In just four score, seven days Saturday October 21 and the 2017 Cajun Fly-in will staring us in the face, ready or not.

But be not of faint heart. We have the workingness fly-in director on the planet in charge. Ray Peirce has done an outstanding job for the past two years and is way ahead of it all again this year. He has been passing out cards everywhere he goes and has distributed fly-in cards to any member who wants them so we can get the word out.

Additionally, Ray has sent a card mailing to interested individuals and organizations and is planning another later as the fly-in nears.

He has learned from our last two years’ experience and has made plans to better define exhibitor, vendor and car show area and is planning to improve direction signage for visitors interring the airport.

Safety is always of great concern and there will be clearly marked crowd control warnings and barriers on the ramp.

To help with the manpower situation Ray is visiting Ama to request Cajun Fly-in assistance.

What is really amazing is he does all this while working half around the world with brief time at home.

Louisiana Places to Fly in August

There are a lot of interesting places to fly this month without leaving the state. We are making a special effort to attend other events, especially the Louisiana Series fly-in events. More info is available as well as info on events in neighboring states athttp/ Choose some. Let’s go.

Aug 05 – Chapter 614 – Fly-in Breakfast – Pineville Municipal Airport (2L0) – 8 – 10 am. Info: http/

Aug 012– Chapter 244 -Fly-in Lunch – Louisiana Regional Airport –

Info: or htt//

Aug 19- Chapter 836 – Northeast Louisiana Meeting – info: John Gummere or http/

Aug 26– Fourth Saturday Fly-in/Drive-in – Beauregard Regional Airport, DeRidder (DRI) – Info: 3337-463-8250

Secretary’s Corner

Minutes of EAA chapter 513 meeting TuesdayJuly 11, 2017

Members present:Tim Rochel, Faron Naquin, Rick Wintter, Norbert Punch, Charlie Hammonds, Lindy Hammonds, Jerry Gonsoulin, Richard Cosse, Newton Boudreaux, Richard Robinson and Jack Gafford.

.6:35 P.M Meeting called to order by President Rochel with a video and discussion about SPACEX9

and the technology they developed.

6:55 P.M.Tim stated that the F-16 is tied down at its present location in front of Hammonds maintenance and we are going to buy some solar powered lighting to illuminate theaircraft and a temporary plaque stating that the tail number has been changed. Newton made a motion to go ahead and purchase the lights, Vice President Naquin seconded

the motion, motion carried unanimously.

7:20 P.M. Meeting adjourned.

RickeyWintter, Secretary

Prez Says

National Aviation Day is upon us. Yep, Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaimed National Aviation Day in 1939 to honor Orville Wright's birthday on August 19. I just hope that we have history right (or is that Wright?). It seems that there is controversy over whether the Wrights were first. I'm already distraught that George's teeth weren't cypress and that Betsy didn't do one stitch in Old Glory. I have seen both and now question all of the teachings of my childhood.

Anyway, back to the Wrights. It was actually rumored at the time that Wilber didn't exist and was a figment of Orville's imagination! During my research, I didn't see any media articles about FDR's birth certificate or election interference by Nicholas II. I guess fake news wasn't invented yet. It is argued by many that the Wrights flight was superseded by both Jacob Brodbeck (1867) and Gustav Whitehead (1901). Whitehead is even said to have developed the first flying car, the Condor, that is said to have flown a mile and a half before the famous Kitty Hawk flight. I'll let you decide which story is Wright. Happy National Aviation Day!

This year we should get some good reports after Airventure. We have several members, both flying and driving to Oshkosh. I will ask them to give a report at the meeting.

Two more meetings before the Cajun Fly-in. I am hoping to get a report from Ray on worker status. We will request members to sign up as workers. You only have to give a few minutes of your time at the fly-in to make it a success.

Pizza and soft drinks will start out the meeting.

See you there.                                                                                                                     Tim

Teen Flies to Oshkosh in a Multi-generational Cub

July 25, 2017 byGeneral Aviation News Staff

Flying and owning a plane is all about passion. But, sometimes when you have seen many seasons in your life, you decide it is time to encourage others to fly rather than continue to fly yourself. That is what the owner of a 1946 Piper Cub did when he decided to donate his beloved and beautifully restored aircraft to a teenager. Of course, that teenager, Kyle Carden, was infected very early with the aviation bug.

For the former owner of the Piper Cub, it was all about encouraging Kyle to get rated, first as a private pilot and then to pursue his dream of becoming a professional pilot.

At just 14, Kyle tends lovingly to the aircraft and receives dual instruction towards his private certificate. Of course, he has a bit of wait until he reaches 17, the minimum age to take his check ride.

Until then, he’s not only learning how to fly, but also how to take care of the Cub, under the watchful eye of A&P Phillip Grice, who is also his flight instructor. Grice is a long-time employee of Continental Motors, and the aircraft is equipped with a Continental Motors A65 engine.

Like all good stories, there is a twist to this one. Kyle is only the temporary owner of the Piper Cub. After becoming a professional pilot and ready to move on to bigger and faster aircraft, it will be his duty to select the next teenager who will become the temporary owner of the plane.

In the meantime, his CFI thought it would be a great experience to gain a bit of cross-country experience and practice landing on various unknown airfields. Instead of organizing a few proverbial hamburger trips, Phillip sought permission from Kyle’s parents to embark on an adventure to fly to the biggest aviation adventure in the world: EAA AirVenture Oshkosh.

Kyle departed July 19, 2017, from the Mobile Bay area of Alabama, with Phillip Grice, to fly to Oshkosh. The plane is joining the crowd of J-3 Cubs converging on Oshkosh to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Piper Aircraft and the company’s first plane. After all, it all started with a yellow airplane!

Kyle, no doubt, will gain a lot of experience during this trip of a little over 800 nm.

If you are at AirVenture this week, stop by the Continental exhibit to meet Kyle and his multi-generational Piper Cub.

Latest FAA Safety Briefing Answers Questions About BasicMed

July 4, 2017 by General Aviation News Staf f

Still have questions about BasicMed? The July/August 2017 issue of FAA Safety Briefing explores several key facets of the new rule, which offers pilots an alternative to the FAA’s medical qualification process for third class medical certificates.

Under BasicMed, a pilot will be required to complete a medical education course every two years, undergo a medical examination every four years, and comply with aircraft and operating restrictions.

Articles include: Bring On BasicMed; What the FAA’s New Regulatory Relief Rule Means for You; an infographic of the BasicMed One Departure Procedure;

Top BasicMed Questions; and How to Talk to Your Doctor about BasicMed.

You can download the magazine here

World Premiere of New Bob Hoover Movie Slated

June 3, 2017 byGeneral Aviation News Staff

DAYTON, Ohio – The world premiere of “R.A. Hoover – The Gift” will be held June 22 at the Air Force Museum Theatre located at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force. Sean D. Tucker, world-champion aerobatic pilot and a friend of Mr. Hoover, will be in attendance to share personal stories and insights. Hoover is considered the “pilot’s pilot,” a man who served his country in war and peace as a fighter pilot, prisoner of war, test pilot, master of aerobatics, and aviation executive. “The Gift” is the true story of Hoover’s flight into history. He also gives his accounts of his friendships with Eddie Rickenbacker to Charles Lindbergh, Jimmy Doolittle, Chuck Yeager, Yuri Gagarin, Neil Armstrong and others. Jimmy Doolittle called Bob Hoover the “Greatest stick and rudder man who ever lived.” Hoover passed away Oct. 25, 2016.

The 2017 Living History Film Series held at the Air Force Museum Theatre is presented by Craig and Betty Willan and supported by The Boeing Company and Holiday Inn Dayton-Fairborn. The series combines film screenings with speakers, veterans and film makers. Tickets are available for $15 at the theatre’s ticket counter, can be ordered online at

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