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Posted on October 6, 2017 at 12:30 AM


Bill Fornof Memorial EAA Chapter 513

Houma, Louisiana

Volume XIV Number 10____-October 3, 2017

Next Meeting Tues. October 10 @ Hammonds-6:30

We will be meeting on the second Tuesday, October 10, to open up a little time for Ray Pierce, our Cajun Fly-in boss to be available to answer your questions and concerns. He will still be in route from his overseas job October 3.

We’ve been waiting for this for almost a year and here it is, it is staring each of us right in the face - the 2017 Cajun Fly-in/Car Show. I guess the question is are you ready? Ray sure is, but he can’t do it alone. The time has come for all of us to step up and say what you plan to do on Saturday October 21.

Bring that thought to the meeting Tuesday and bring along a hardy appetite ‘cause Ray is cooking again and it’s always so damn good!

Cajun Fly-In 2017 Update - Final

By the time you read this Cajun Fly-In 2017 will be only 3 weeks away, or less!

Hopefully everyone received their Cajun Fly-in & Car Show Post Cards in the mail. These went out to about 250 previous attendees, EAA Chapters, Boy Scout Troops, and everyone that registered at previous Cajun Fly-Ins. Our Houma EAA 513 Facebook page has been getting a lot of traffic, and we’ve created a Cajun Fly-In 2017 Event Page there too. If you’re Simoneaux not a Facebook user, access to our EAA page alone is worth the trouble to sign up.

Ms. April and I made face-to-face visits with our KHUM FBOs, Airport Commission Office and other supporters.

The large Cajun Fly-In banner is already hanging at the Airport, thanks to our Vice President, Faron Naquin. I have in hand some new materials to help deal with parking and crow control barricades this year. 1000’ of that plastic mesh construction fencing and 1000’ of safety orange pennant banner string. Traffic cones to use as stands for the taxiway barrier signs too.

T-Shirts will happen again this year. Many, Many Thanks to Tex & April Simoneaux for generously donating all of the Cajun Fly-In T-Shirts, and valuable door prizes in the previous two years. With the announced closing of SoLa Flight Service Pilot Shop, we have received sponsorship for the 2017 T-Shirts with Co-Sponsorship from Hammonds Air Services and Butler Aviation. The design is pending final approval, but I’m sure it’ll be another great one. Ms. April is working with our Co-Sponsor to complete the design and ordering.

Most all of our usual supporters are committed to attending again this year. Here are some highlights:

• USAF T6-Texan2 trainer will attend. Piloted by Lt. Matthew Carpenter, a local man from Lafourche Parish.

He will also be a guest speaker. I’ve asked for a low pass and a tight pattern on arrival.

• USCG New Orleans Air Station will arrive at 10am in a Dolphin Helo and perform a Search and Rescue demo on the approach end of 18. Then land for static display. We’ve requested one of the crew be a guest speaker

• Acadian AirMed will reposition to the East Ramp for display

• Louisiana State Police Helicopter will attend

• USMC MAG 49 Helicopter unit based in Belle Chase has contacted us about participation, but not confirmed what aircraft will attend.

• PHI will bring over an S-92

• Superior Flight Academy will bring Helicopters

• Airborne Support will bring over one of the Big DC-3/4s

• Regional Military Museum will bring some vehicle for display.

(I asked them to tow the F4 over with the tank, but that was a NOGO)

• The VFD Co#5 is ready to cook – Same + 1/3 pound homemade fresh seasoned beef patties (new Item)

• Butler Aviation will be cooking fried fish for arriving pilots and EAA Members.

• Local EMS, Fire and Police agencies bringing equipment and personnel

• Hand Crafted “Special Surprise” trophies for the Car Show this year!!!!

As you can see, the largest part of the LEG WORK has been done.

What I need now is HELP! Bodies on the day of the event. I’ve asked all of my family to help for one day. I’m sure you have some family and friends that may already be planning to attend. Ask if they would be willing to help for just an hour or two. We need Traffic Directors, Information givers, People to help set up displays, people to set up table and chairs, waste management transport specialist, general safety patrol personnel, and most importantly we need Crowd Control Help on the Flight Line. Some to be sure no one walk near planes parking or departing the ramp.

Thanks to everyone for the support and assistance through our growing years. One last request, join me in beginning to pray for great weather again this year!             RAY PIERCE, Cajun Fly-in Director

Louisiana Places to Fly in October

There are a lot of interesting places to fly this month without leaving the state. We are making a special effort to attend other events, especially the Louisiana Series fly-in events. More info is available as well as info on events in neighboring states athttp/ Choose some. Let’s go.

Oct 7 – 37th Annual Jennings Fly-in – Jennings Aiorport ((3R7) -

Oct 14-15– Andouille Festival Fly-in – Port of South La. Executive Airport (KAPS)

Info: or htt/

Oct 21 – Chapter 513 – Cajun Fly-in & Car Show – Gus Brown Field Houma-Terrebonne Airport (KHUM) –

Oct 27-29 -WWII Air Sea & Land Festival – New Orleans Lakefront (NEW) – Expended entertainment, food, drinks and soaring aircraft. Info: htt/

Secretary’s Corner

Minutes of EAA chapter 513 meeting TuesdaySeptember 5 , 2017

Members present:Tim Rochel, Faron Naquin, Rick Wintter, Norbert Pubch, Newton Boudreaux, Jack Gafford, Charlie Hammonds, Lindy Hammonds, Richard Robinson and Jason Robinson

Guest: Joe Wheeler, Houma Airport Director, and Jayden Robinson.

6:30 P.M. Meeting called to order by President Rochel with the introduction of Mr. Wheeler

6:35 P.M. Mr. Wheeler stated that the airport will be having some improvements beginning next summer. Taxiway Foxtrot will begin new design construction, airfield drainage will be updated and some unmanned aerial systems are expected to be donated to the airport which will create jobs. House Bill 299.7 was introduced , which would cut grant money to the airport, but not expected to pass.Mr. Wheeler also stated that Cajun Airlift flights to aid hurricane victims in Houston and Beaumont are leaving from Lakefront and Gonzales airports.

6:55 P.M. Tim said that he has the OK from Russell Redmond to use his lot for parking and we need volunteers to work the Fly-In.

We also had a discussion about how we will be parking cars and aircraft. Newton will be the safety officer for the Fly-In.

7:30P.M.Lindy and Tim will install 3 floodlights to illuminate the F-16.

7:50 P.M. Punch called for adjournment, Tim seconded. Meeting adjourned.     RickeyWintter, Secretary

Prez Says

Joe Wheeler, HTAC Director, and I will be discussing a proposed summer 'camp' at the airport. We will attempt to see what materials will be needed to put on the program and if Houma Terrebonne Airport has funding. I will give more details at the meeting.

The fly-in is upon us! This is it! It's the last meeting before the event.

I was wondering how long it would take the scammers to target the EAA websites and Facebook. Since we post our personal contact information, scammers are abound. Some of us have received an email warning from EAA National about scammers using emails to look like they were from officers/board members asking for monies to be transferred. One of the suggestions is to create a chapter email account.

"Consider creating a singular chapter contact point and removing officer contacts from your chapter's website and newsletter. For example, Chapter 252 uses for all chapter related communications."

Our new email address that will be used for all member contacts, unless specified by the member, will be I will be asking that our facebook account remove all other contacts as well. Passwords will be given out at the meeting.                                            Tim

ONE DAY ONLY! October 21, 2017. 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Fly In or Drive In for the Cajun Fly-In & Shop at SoLa Flight's Pilot Shop for our Final Sale on TaxiWay Golf at the Houma-Terrebonne Airport (KHUM)! 50%-75% Off Retail (some exclusions apply)

Graphical Forecasts to Replace Text-based Forecasts Oct. 10

September 12, 2017 byGeneral Aviation News Staff

The transition to graphical forecasts for aviation (GFAs) for the continental U.S. is set to be complete Oct. 10, 2017, when the current textual area forecasts (FAs) will be discontinued.

The move, in a transition phase since July, is expected to result in improved weather information from forecasters with the National Weather Service Aviation Weather Center, according to FAA officials.

“The majority of the weather elements contained in the FA are already available through other NWS products,” agency officials said in a notice highlighting the change. “To maintain continuity of service, the GFA will ensure the availability of equivalent information, in addition to adding graphical displays of the predominant weather, sky cover, and wind speed and direction.”

GFAs are web-based displays that provide observations and forecasts critical for aviation safety. GFAs cover the continental U.S., from the surface up to 42,000 feet mean sea level (MSL).Wind, icing, and turbulence forecasts are available in 3,000-foot increments from the surface up to 18,000 feet MSL, and iTurbulence forecasts are also broken into low (below 18,000 feet MSL) and high (above 18,000 feet MSL) graphics.

Maximum icing and maximum wind velocity graphics are also available. Data is time-synchronized and is available in hourly increments for up to 14 hours in the past and 15 hours into the future.

“This is a huge step forward,” says John Kosak, Air Traffic Services project manager for weather for the National Business Aviation Association. “The graphical forecasts provide much finer resolution than any text-based forecast ever could.”

Kosak represented general aviation and business aviation as a member of the FAA’s Collaborative Decision-Making Weather Evaluation Team.

The GFAs will replace the textual FAs only for the continental U.S. The FA for Alaska, the Gulf of Mexico, Hawaii and the Caribbean will not change.

A Cub and a Champ

General Aviation News Staff

Megan Vande Voort, whose husband, Shane, owns Classic Aviation at Pella Municipal Airport (KPEA) in Iowa, took this photo, sending it along with a simple message: “A Cub and a Champ.”

The 513 flyer is a monthly publication of the Bill Fornof Memorial EAA Chapter 513, Inc. Editor Newton Boudreaux. President, Tim Rochel, Vice President, Faron Naquin, Treasurer, Norbert Punch and Secretary, Rick Wintter. Mail to P. O. Box 1034, Gray, LA 70359-1034.

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