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November Newsletter

Posted on October 26, 2017 at 2:00 PM

Bill Fornof Memorial EAA Chapter 513

Houma, Louisiana

Volume XIV Number 11

November 7, 2017

Next Meeting Tues. November 7 @ Hammonds-6:30

Cajun Fly-in 2017 was about as good as you could get considering the weather forecasts. The weather at HUM wasn’t as bad as forecasted with just a few a few sprinkles. The challenge for fly-in pilots was getting home Saturday afternoon. But who needs a bunch of fly-in airplanes when you have the community support Chapter 513 enjoyed. They came from all over the area, Terrebonne, Lafourche, St Charles, one couple from as far away as Missouri. They had flown into Lakefront, heard about the Rougarou Fest, came to Houma to see it. They saw Cajun Fly-in signs and decided to check us out before going downtown for Fest. We did have one fly-in – a U. S.. Air Force T-6 2 trainer flown by a Lafourche native Lt. Mathew Carpenter who came to display the trainer and do some recruiting for the Air Force. Lt. Carpenter is on his first Air Force assignment as an instructor at Keesler AFB in Biloxi, Mississippi. As is his usual, Ray Peirce, our erstwhile Fly-in Director has once again produced his usual outstanding job on the 2017 edition fly-in as did his team who crossed all the ts and doted all the is. We owe everyone a big “Thank You” for an outstanding job, and a safe enjoyable Cajun Fly-in and Car Show 2017! Ray will be on hand with a complete report on the fly-in next Tuesday. As his custom, Ray is planning to bring a meal to the meeting. Two good reasons to come to the meeting.

Cajun Fly-In 2017 Report

Cajun Fly-In 2017 is done, and our largest event to promote aviation to the general public and within our aviation community was another success.

THANK YOU! To everyone that came out and helped make the day a success.

Everything about this year was an improvement over previous years, except the one thing beyond our control which was the weather.

I asked for help and we did get support from some additional members and some new faces too!

The Parking and Traffic flow for our event was more organized and efficient. We received support to cut grass beginning a month ahead of the fly-in, from a few different sources.

The flight line ran smoothly, in part due to the reduced ramp traffic, but mainly due to having the dedicated marshals for aircraft.

This year’s Car Show brought 32 cars, trucks and other vehicles to the ramp!!

T-Shirts were Co-Sponsorship by Hammonds Air Services and Butler Aviation.

ALL of our Military, Police, Fire and EMS support were able to make it to KHUM, and were enjoyed by all. Please make an effort to offer thanks to any of these groups, chiefs, or commanders you may know:

Airborne Support was the first to arrive at Cajun Fly-in 2017 with their C-47!!

The USCG New Orleans Air Station performed a SAR Demo. The Dolphin MH-65 Helicopter was on the ramp all day for photo opportunities, Q&A, and just about every kid on the ramp climbed aboard to see it up close.

Lt. Matthew Carpenter flew in a USAF T6-Texan2, and spoke about his path from chasing crop dusters to USAF.

Acadian Air-Med Flight crew provided a full day of interaction with their helicopter.

Louisiana State Police brought 2 patrol units and their S-76 Helicopter! It was great to have aerial support from them this year.

The PHI S-92 was another interactive adventure for visitors.

Regional Military Museum Jeeps were a hit as always.

Houma Police came with their new mobile command center.

Terrebonne Parish Sheriff had some unique vehicles (including a Sling Shot) for photos

Houma Fire Department’s mascot Sparky was there with his fire truck, helping the firemen educate the public about fire safety.

Cajun Crate, Ellen McCord, G&F Sporting Goods, and Pilots for Patients set up displays for visitors to browse.

Pilots for patients shared with the crowd in Hangar One. Their mission of help and support to others was well received.

One particular Carbon Cub Pilot did some STOL take-off and landings to demonstrate the plane’s abilities.

I prayed the rain would hold out until the Louisiana National Air Guard Cajun Militia made a fly-over in their F-15s, and I guess someone was listening. It sprinkled for about 3 minutes after they fly-over. The jets adjusted the planned “training approaches” to accommodate the low ceiling, and did another great job!

Food worked well, with Butler Aviation hosting all of our visiting Pilots and EAA members with free meals, and Co. #5 Volunteers did another great job with the food.

SOLA Flight Service went out with a bang, holding a clearance sale on the same day, and donated an Artic Air portable Air Conditioning unit for raffle. It was won by one of our Pilots for Patients volunteer team members.\

Please go to our Facebook page and Facebook event page to loads and loads of photos.

I’m cooking for the meeting on Tuesday, Nov 7th! Please bring your feedback. Ray Pierce, Director

Here Comes KIA, 2017 Itineration

Terrebonne Parish Board has given us the green light for this year’s Kids in Aviation field trips. I wouldn’t bet money on this, but I think this will be the eight anniversary of the youth aviation program.

We will be hosting field trips beginning Thursday November 16 and then Thursday December 7 and Tuesday 12.

December12. Terrebonne High is the first class, November 16, then South Terrebonne High December 7 followed by Ellender Memorial High December 12.

As is our usual practice we will meet the visiting classes at Houma-Terrebonne Airport Commission office meeting room for the welcome and safety and procedure orientation. The classes will then be loaded on the busses and moved to Hammonds Air Service for the hands-on aircraft part of the field trip.

We will need some help with both the class room presentations and the visit to Hammonds for the Aircraft Familiarization phase.

Class lectures include Aviation History, Physics of Flight, Flight Planning and Careers in Aviation.

Anyone who feels he could help in any of these areas in the class room or on the field, please lend a hand.

Louisiana Places to Fly in November

There are a lot of interesting places to fly this month without leaving the state. We are making a special effort to attend other events, especially the Louisiana Series fly-in events. More info is available as well as info on events in neighboring states athttp/ Choose some. Let’s go.

Nov 4 – Hangar 39 Crew Party-Port of South LA Executive Airport(1L0)-Free food & drinks Pastalaya, Salad, Hot Dogs/chili – 21 yrs to attend.

Nov 11– Veteran’s Day Party-St Charles Aviation-Ama airstrip-fly-in, drive in cars, motorcycles - airplane rides and static displays- @ Noon $10 Turkey Dinners – Jay Elton Band plays at 1:30pm – Bring your food & drinks Info:

Nov 18– Chapter 697 – Fall Fly-in – Slidell Airport (ASD) – Free burgers & hotdogs for fly ins – 10am-2pm

Nov 25–Chapter 343 -Shreveoirt Chapter Meeting –Shreveport Downtown Airport (KDTN) 9:30am. Info:, president@EAA

Secretary’s Corner

Minutes of EAA chapter 513 meeting Tuesday October19, 2017

Members present:Tim Rochel, Faron Naquin, Rick Wintter, Norbert Punch, Lindy Hammonds, Charlie Hammonds, Ray Pierce, Harris Theriot, Richard Cosse, Jack Gafford, James Croker, Newton Boudreaux, Richard Robinson and Jason Robinson.

6:30 P.MMeeting called to order by President Rochel. President Rochel informed the board and members that he will be resigning as president at the end of the year. He stated that the board members information will be taken off of the website.

6:35 P.M6Ray Pierce gave a report on the October 21st Fly-In. Butler Aviation will allow us to use his facilities for the Fly-In. Parking will be through Hammonds Aviation gate and exit through a different gate to ease the flow of traffic, traffic cones and signs will be used to prevent taxiway incursions, Ray had signs made for parking and safety information,. The car show entrance will be at Butler Aviation where a $10 entrance fee will be charged. The Regional Military Museum is sending 2 Jeeps, Louisiana State Police will bring a helicopter, Raceland Fire Dept. will be cooking. Snowball lady is making snowballs. Hammonds Air frequency will be used once an aircraft is off the active taxiway.

7:20 P.M. Saturday , December15, is a possible get together date at Lindy's hangar.

7:40 P.M. Faron called for adjournment, Tim seconded. Rickey Wintter, Secretary

Prez Says

Cajun Fly-in number 15 has come and gone with very few unknown issues and no injuries. The weather held off long enough for everyone to have a great time. I want to recognize Juan Romero, Tex and April Simoneaux, Ray Pierce, Faron Naquin, Lindy and Charlie Hammonds, the fire dept., police dept. and all of the workers who helped make the fly-in a great one. I was so proud that our members stepped in to help. Thanks!

Kids in Aviation is on the go. We have three scheduled events, Nov. 16, Dec. 7 and 12 .We need pilots to tour aircraft at Hammonds and will accept any other help. These are small groups of high schoolers. It should be fun.

The word 'resignation' has such a seemingly negative tone. Those of you who attended the October meeting found out that I submitted my resignation as President of EAA 513. I am not just closing the books and leaving. I will assist in the new President's transition and complete all yearly business including filing our 2017 taxes. I hope to serve on your board and continue our children's programs. I look back on the last ten years with a feeling of accomplishment along with many fond memories. I learned many things and did many things that I would not have had an opportunity to do anywhere else. I always wanted to fly an aircraft and have taken that off of my bucket list long ago. Thanks to all of you for making it fun.

In 1939 Franklin D. Roosevelt presented a proclamation making November National Aviation Month. It all started with that famous coin toss between Orville and Wilber in 1903. A few interesting facts:

Aluminum was a very expensive metal to refine at the time, but the Wrights had the first aluminum engine block used for an airplane engine.

Ninety two percent of the SR-71 spy plane airframe was constructed with titanium extracted from rutile ore mined in the Soviet Union.

Bumble Bees can altitudes of 18.000 ft.

Geese have been seen at 30,000 ft.

The first woman to take flight was Elizabeth Tribble in a 1784 hot air balloon.

The first woman to take flight in an airplane was Therese Peltier in 1908.

The first African American woman to get a pilot's license was Bessie Coleman in 1921.

If you need to communicate with our board members or fly-in director, remember. our new email address is Passwords for those needing to reply to emails were given out at the October meeting.TIM

Fall Flying FUN!

I finally made it home in time for festival season, and (Usually) some of the best weather of the year. As usual, I gave the yellow bird a good pitot to rudder trim-tab inspection before taking her up after a month or two of sitting in hangar alone. This month was annual condition inspection time. I had accumulated a long list of must-do items. Change plugs, re-torque heads, check carb bowls, etc…. I ended up pulling the shrouds off to replace the exhaust gaskets, changed all the rubber parts from carb boots to throttle cable boots, to coil wire protective covers. After correct carb re-assembly she purrs right along. I was able to fly into KHUM on Friday afternoon and have the QCU Challenger II on the ramp at Cajun Fly-in!! Jerry brought out his Carbon Cub, so it wasn’t the only Light-Sport plane on the ramp. This week I was able to make a short hop to Napoleonville and land at the Thibault strip for a visit. Johnny is making good progress on the new wings. He’s about to lay down the silver coats, after 5 or 6 coats of filler. I’m looking forward to some more nice flying days in the next couple of weeks. October has been a month full of flying events, without much good flying weather. I plan to take advantage by attending as many events as possible. I hope to see you there!Ray Pierce

What’s Wrong With Experimental Pilots?

October 16, 2017 byGeneral Aviation News Staff

That’s the question Richard Collins asks in a new blog post at Air Facts.He notes: “The higher incidence of accidents in experimental aircraft is just as logical as the fact that the fatal accident rate in private (general) aviation is almost infinitely higher than it is in airline flying. When more freedom is granted by reducing regulations and eliminating stifling procedures, then the risk goes up.”In general aviation, he notes, “risk management is left solely to the pilot. For experimental-amateur built, that freedom extends to the building and testing of the airplane, though the FAA does have requirements for the flight testing of newly-built E-AB airplanes.”He continues: “The accident record in private flying when I soloed in 1951 was about like the accident record in experimental flying today. When I started, we were free spirits, a band of brothers, who loved to fly. It was almost holy and we weren’t looking for anyone to save us. We knew that what we were doing was a lot riskier than knitting and we didn’t care. That is all true of many, if not most, experimental pilots today and I think that in both cases the accident record is simply the result of the interface between the romance of flying and the pilots who practice the art.”“So, if you ask me what is wrong with experimental pilots, I say nothing. Just leave them alone and let them enjoy flying.”

More Fly-in Pix

Here is Air Force arriving

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The 513 flyer is a monthly publication of the Bill Fornof Memorial EAA Chapter 513, Inc. Editor Newton Boudreaux. President, Tim Rochel, Vice President, Faron Naquin, Treasurer, Norbert Punch and Secretary, Rick Wintter. Mail to P. O. Box 1034, Gray, LA 70359-1034.

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