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December Newsletter

Posted on December 14, 2017 at 1:30 PM

Merry Christmas

Bill Fornof Memorial EAA Chapter 513 Houma, Louisiana

Volume XIV Number 12

December 16,2017

Next Meeting Saturday December 16 @ Hammonds-noon

So, you were not expecting to get a 513flyer in the middle of the month – there is a very good and exciting reason for this seasonal treat. And bet you didn’t expect to not have a meeting on the first Tuesday in December. Here is your answer, in two parts. First, you usually get Chapter 513’s newsletter the weekend before each meeting and that of course answers why you didn’t get the December 513 flyer two weeks ago. The second explanation is even better and more exciting. We are having a covered dish Christmas Dinner. It will be 1 p.m. “til. The day is Saturday, December, 16. And the place is Hammonds Maintenance Hangar at 200 Safety Road. As usual we will invite our families and other guests. We will have a brief meeting to take care of any business.

This a new celebration. In the past we have celebrated the holidays with a dutch treat sit-down dinner at the first meeting of the New Year to close out the holidays. We invited our date and other guests.

I hope the response for a head count is not indicative of interest. If so It will be a small gathering indeed with just ten RSVP respondents attending so far.

Enjoy a Merry Christmas with family and friends and all of the best for you in the New Year.

See you Saturday ready to meet, eat and enjoy.

2017 Kids in Aviation in the Book

Chapter 513 most successful education project is in the books for 2017.

We have hosted field trips beginning Thursday November 16 and then Thursday December 7 and Tuesday December 12 spreading the message of General Aviation, airplanes and careers to over 50 senior physics classes most of whom have already made plans to go forward to complete their education. A few, maybe four or five expressed interest in learning to fly and one I spoke to is considering a career in aviation. So yes, our KIA project does produce results. My biggest concern is who will take up the program in the future.

Terrebonne High was the first class, November 16, then South Terrebonne High December 7 followed by Ellender Memorial High December 12.

Our usual practice is to meet the visiting classes at Houma-Terrebonne Airport Commission office meeting room for the welcome and safety and procedure orientation. The classes are then loaded on their bus and moved to Hammonds Air Service for the hands-on aircraft part of the field trip.

Class lectures include Aviation History, Physics of Flight, Flight Planning and Careers in Aviation.

Anyone who feels he could help in any of these areas in the class room or on the field, please lend a hand. Let’s keep this program going. It is a true promotion of aviation is our community and one of the reasons EAA Chapter 513 is in business.

We Will Eat and Make Merry

That’s correct you are expected to come to the December meeting ready to have a good time and enjoy a pot luck dinner. If the powers that be think it is necessary we may even have a brief meeting.

Here is a little about what you might expect to find on the menu Chicken & sausage gumbo Jambalaya, Rice, Mac ‘n cheese baked casserole, Potato salad, French bread, Desert punch and Soft drinks. No one should go home hungry and there is always plenty to talk about when we are around airplanes.

Of course, this will be a family affair so be sure to bring your spouse or other best girl. I have found it better to not bring both on the same date. We have made no provision to clean blood splatter.

Saturday, December 16 is the date. One p.m. (1300 for the Z thinkers) is the time.

Hammonds Maintenance Hangar, 200 Aviation Road, is the place. Be there and have a ball

Time to Pay the Piper

It only comes around once every year and it is very near. We are talking about your and my Annual Membership Dues 2018. All members’ dues are due on December 31 for the next coming year. This fee is not prorated so we are expected to pay $25.00 to remain a member in good standing in 2018.

You can pay Treasurer Norbert Punch in person or mail a check to him at 167 Zynn Street, Raceland, LA 70394.

It is important o get your dues in in a timely manner.Dues is our only source of recurring revenue.

Louisiana Places to Fly in December

There are a lot of interesting places to fly this month without leaving the state. We are making a special effort to attend other events, especially the Louisiana Series fly-in events. More info is available as well as info on events in neighboring states athttp/ Choose some. Let’s go.

Dec 16– Chapter 513 – Pot Luck Christmas Party – 1 PM “til we get tired or run out of eats.

Dec 23–Chapter 343 -Shreveport Chapter Meeting –Shreveport Downtown Airport (KDTN) 9:30am. Info:, president@EAA

Dec 30- ?

Treasurer’s report –Account balances on hand as of 10/03/2017- $777.25Chapter Account and $4333.67 donations for F-16. Norbert Punch, Treasurer

Secretary’s Corner

Minutes of EAA chapter 513 meeting TuesdayNovember 7, 2017

Members present:Tim Rochel, Charlie Hammonds, Richard Cosse, Newton Boudreaux, Faron Naquin, Ray Pierce, Norbert Punch, Rick Wintter, Harris Theriot, Lindy Hammonds, Bobby Boudreaux and Richard Robinson

6:30 P.MMeeting called to order by President Rochel with the Pledge of Allegiance.

6:35 P.MRay Pierce gave a report on the October 21st Fly-In. Butler Aviation will allow us to use his facilities for the Fly-In. Parking will be through Hammonds Aviation gate and exit through a different gate to ease the flow of traffic, traffic cones and signs will be used to prevent taxiway incursions, Ray had signs made for parking and safety information, The car show entrance will be at Butler Aviation where a $10 entrance fee will be charged. The Regional Military Museum is sending 2 Jeeps, Louisiana State Police will bring a helicopter, Raceland Fire Dept. will be cooking. Snowball lady is making snowballs. Hammonds Air frequency will be used once an aircraft is off the active taxiway.

7:20 P.M. Saturday, December15, is a possible get together date at Lindy's hangar.

7:40 P.M. Faron called for adjournment, Tim seconded. Rickey Wintter, Secretary

Prez Says

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! This is number 120 Prez Says, and my last. That's it, I'm retiring! I think it is beyond "past due". We have a whole bunch of young people with new ideas that need to be implemented. I feel that the Chapter will be in good hands with Faron Naquin as our new President and Ray Pierce as Vice President. Their efforts to support EAA Chapter 513 haven't gone unnoticed. We are in good leadership hands.

Our outgoing board needs a big thank you. You folks have supported me from day one. Of course, we have had some issues that we have always worked out. It's been a fantastic ten years working with you folks. In fact, Norbert Punch, Rickey Wintters, Faron Naquin, and Newton Boudreaux have all been re-elected. JOB WELL DONE GUYS!

The Kids in Aviation Program is done for the year. I am hoping that our new Board will continue this program and work to develop more community based programs. Thanks, Newton Boudreaux, for always being there to not only develop the Kids in Aviation structure, but also seeing that it has continued with the help of your participation.

Our annual report to Louisiana Secretary of State has been completed, our Chapter Renewal is complete and we are working on our federal reporting. I expect the rest of the transition to go well.

If you need to communicate with our board members or fly-in director, remember. our new email address is Passwords for those needing to reply to emails were given out at the October meeting.

It has been a great ten years!


Adventures in Project Planning and Parts Procurement!

With Cajun Fly-In all wrapped up and the QCU Ch2 annual done, I was able to focus on some more flying goals. I’ve begun collecting photos of new Airports visited. I had been to KREG (Gonzales) in the Yellow Bird, but had neglected to get a photo. On a recent day of flying to see an old LSU Bandmate, now tugboat captain, pushing a barge in the Mississippi River near Convent, Louisiana, I took the opportunity to make another stop in and get a photo. Decided to just follow the river heading south and land at KAPS (Reserve) for a look at few more planes. I was unaware, the was a new hangar dedication that morning, and my good fortune to meet up with a few pilot friends for an unexpected lunch invitation. A few days later, I was flying down the bayou (Bayou Lafourche on this trip) and hearing very little helicopter or other traffic at KGAO, I decided it was a good day to add that one to the list. The young lineman showed a good bit of interest in my little light-sport aircraft. I arranged to meet up with another Glastar builder around Picayune, MS to see his plane and chat about his build experience. Johnny Thibault and I were planning a meet up at Stevens Field to some group flying to Mint Julep Airpark. With headwinds and cold temps forecast, we changed it up and met up at Napoleonville International (Johnny’s home strip) to take the trip in his Apollo Fox, with cabin heat and 30kts speed advantage over the yellow bird. Our routing took us North around the lake over 32LS (Stevens) -> L31 (St Tammany) – at full stop at KMJD (Picayune) -> 5MS5 (Mint Julep). 6000’ of turf is nice! We spent some time giving the Glastar a good look over, and were greeted by Bob one of the Mint Julep Airpark owners. Nice fellow and invited us to come back again.

With all that flying, it’s hard not to be excited about my Glastar project that’s sitting lonely in the hangar. There’s loads of work done, but more yet to come. Santa has promised me 4 new cylinder kits for Christmas!! I’m on the trail of a Larry Vetterman crossover exhaust, an engine baffle kit, and a ram air induction kit. I’ll need to hang the engine and accessories to fit the cowl. I’ve lined up a visit to Fibertech Composites down in Florida to meet with Zach Chase. He’s been a great source of information and guidance in planning my project to-date, and I hope to lock in some build time at his shop for builder assistance for the Glastar. Zach has provided build assistance on just under 200 Glasair planes.Ray


N326D (Yellow Bird) at KREG


Apollo Fox at Mint Julep


N326D (Yellow Bird) at KREG

Glastar Trictcle(360 Lyc) at Mint Julep


The 513 flyer is a monthly publication of the Bill Fornof Memorial EAA Chapter 513, Inc. Editor Newton Boudreaux. President, Tim Rochel, Vice President, Faron Naquin, Treasurer, Norbert Punch and Secretary, Rick Wintter. Mail to P. O. Box 1034, Gray, LA 70359-1034.

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