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Kids in Aviation

Our Kids in Aviation program started with ideas from Tim Rochel and Newton Boudreaux of how to get children involved with aviation. Houma area had no educational programs for our youth to experience 'hands on' interaction with aviation. After meeting with the Science Cirriculum Specialist from Terrebonne Parish, Mr. Paul Johnson, and drawing up a lesson plan that would be used for 5th and 6th graders, we planned our first class trips. Lectures on the history of flight, physics of flight, a flight plan and what it takes to become a pilot were followed by a tour of aircraft. Our first presentation took alot of tweaking and input from the educators. When we finally decided that we had a program that worked, Newton named it 'Kids in Aviation' and we decided to see what it could accomplish. Our next step was to see if the program could be adapted to any students. Our challenge was met when the School for Exceptional Children contacted us. We were asked, with their teachers help, to adapt a program that could be presented to their children. After alot of their help, a modified program was developed. The results were heart warming to say the least. These children were given an opportunity that they would have otherwise never experienced. Their smiles will always be with us. The test of the program didn't stop there. Mr. Johnson gave us a call and asked us to adapt the program for high school students from the parish physics classes. After meeting with the physics teachers and seeing the lesson plans, the task seemed impossible. We were giving the physics of flight to 6th graders, not college bound high school seniors. Most of us hadn't had physics classes in many decades. What we decided to do was give them the information that the pilots needed to know and go indept with the explanation of how atmospheric pressure influences flight down to the molecular level. Our first program with high school students went well. Again we had to tweak our program, but it seems that we have scheduled all the high schools in our area for class trips now. Anyone wanting to start a similar program, please contact us and we will assist  with GLEs and lesson plans.

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